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Lisa G., San Francisco, CA
I love this place!  I don't normally go down to San Bruno for, well, anything, but every once in a while I have to make the trek to have Italian at the West Coast Cafe.

It's a nice little date restaurant--linens and wine glasses and soft music.  The service is excellent.  And the food is marvelous.  OK, the bread could be better; it's the kind of baguette you get at the supermarket and it is a bit crunchy.  But every salad and entree I've ever eaten here has been delightful.  I love the piccatta, the alfredo, the caesar salad...  The chef is a master of al dente, both with pasta and with vegetables.  I had green beans last night and each bean was the perfect consistency.  Bravo!

San Bruno goes to bed early so this isn't a place for a late dinner.  But next time you want a perfectly cooked Italian meal, come on down.  This is the place!

Jaime A., Foster City, CA
This is a great little place to drop in and get some yummy Italian food. While the name does not really sell the place, the food does.

The Caesar salad was really tasty - a very light dressing covering the whites of the romaine for only $5. Since I am difficult, I asked for the saltimboca to be made with chicken instead of veal since I do not like eating baby cow and it was SO yummy. My dad got the veal saltimboca and he loved the huge portion (4 pieces of veal). Mom had the soup of the day which was a huge portion for $4 and calamari steak, of which there was not a bite left. All entrees come with polenta and veggies.

Overall, dinner for 3 with appetizers for each come to $65...a real bargain for good food. You should make your way to the West Coast Cafe.

Linda T., San Francisco, CA
4.5 stars

I love their caesar salad. Their homemade dressing is wonderfully creamy and tangy, and the croutons are nicely seasoned and crunchy.  I shared the salad with my boyfriend but I should have had my own:-)  For my main course I had one of the specials tonight: penne with carmelized onions and pancetta in a tomato sauce. I thought it was a little salty at first, but then I realized: this is sooo good.   For dessert, I had a favorite of mine, afogatto.  It was huge compared to the ones I've had in SF, and so that could have indicated that they serve quantity over quality, but it was excellent. Perfect amount of espresso over the big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

As for their wine list, it's decent and very reasonably priced as well.  They did use white instead of red wine glasses, so a slight ding for for that.

The service at the West Coast Cafe was impeccable. Prompt but not rushing. The waiters are all dressed nicely and are very polite.  As soon as I finished my last sip of wine, our waiter gave us our check.  

It's a cute restaurant and is on the romantic side.  Just outside the windows on the side you can see the cute garden that belongs to the city.  One thing that we noticed tonight is that there were many seniors there. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it was curious to see such a disproportionately high number of older folks.  Maybe it's because we dined early, starting at around 5:30.  

Go downtown San Bruno, go!  More restaurants of this caliber!

Angela F., Burlingame, CA
Mama Mia! In the trench town known as San Bruno there is a gem of a place called West Coast Cafe! I completely agree with Marian and her friend in saying "This is the BEST Italian restaurant in San Bruno "  It is true, they make their own bread! It's hard to save room for dinner. So don't over indulge as dinner is worth every caloric mouthful!

They have a wonderful menu, it has something for everyone offering multiple sauces for their pasta dishes and don't be afraid to ask for a red sauce if your one of those lactose folks. The West Coast salad with it's Italian style ceviche on top is delightful. My favorite dish; the gnocchi with Gorgonzola and spinach is heavenly. It is so good we order multiple for the table and eat it family style along with our entrees. I do NOT like 2 things, tomato's or tiramisu. Well, at West Coast Cafe I am a convert. I love their bruschetta and their tiramisu is a mocha, coffee, creamy bowl of goodness! The prices are very very reasonable, I can't think of any reason not to stop in.

I have had 2 large dinner parties there and many intimate dinners for two. The service is always prompt, the food is hot and the cappuccino's are the best around.

Christine P., San Francisco, CA
Yes - Five Stars.....

I was there last night, on a Sunday Evening. It was a great dining experience. I have seen the past reviews  which are pretty up and down....and I can just go by what I found dining there:

Excellent. The BEST homemade polenta that I have ever tasted, yes, homemade. This polenta would put both my Nonna's to shame.

Their menu is a typical Italian Restaurant Style menu, but it is what they do with them that makes it so tasty. Two of us ordered a Chicken with Artichoke hearts and Sun-Dried Tomatoes with a White Wine Sauce - Beautiful. Their vegetable of the evening was Asparagus. I was very happy that they served them very simple, NOT over-cooked like many Italian restaurants, but these babies were cooked perfectly. Also ordered was the Bruschetta, which was wonderful. Very fresh and firm tomatoes and not too much garlic and they were prepared fresh, so when they arrived the table, the toasted bread was still crunchy.  The Veal Picatta was also wonderful. What I loved were their  flavors are very clean, and not overpowered with a ton a garlic and "watery" sauces that I have found in many Italian joints in the past.

Excellent. We had a gentleman named Ernesto who was very sweet and attentive. In Fact, everyone that worked there has a big smile on their faces.

I will be back and I think if we have another great dining experience there again, it will be one of our bi-weekly restaurants.

Vinay D., San Francisco, CA
Fabulous! The service was impeccable and the food was just grand.

The caesar salad was among the best I've ever had. I ordered the house special lasagna and my girlfriend had a special-of-the-day pasta with pancetta. Both were excellent; the wine list is attractive and the house wines are quite good.

They serve a great affogato and have several other excellent desserts.

The interior is quiet, relaxed. This is a neighborhood gem; going back for sure.

* Reprinted from YELP

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